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Message From The President

Dr. Lakhinder Kanwar, MD(Path)

President and Founder of Nucleus University.

President's Message

At Nucleus University School of Medicine and Dentistry- Aruba, we will make sure that every graduating student meets the competency requirements necessary for postgraduate training and as a foundation for lifelong learning which is our motto for proficient medical and dental care. Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare today.

All our faculty members have completed their basic training in either medical or dental field and possess post-graduate degree in their respective field. Diversity in our faculty, professional staff, students and trainees will always be fundamental to our mission. Being the President brings with it a tremendous responsibility as well as an opportunity to take up the challenge to promote our students to a global standard in the healthcare field. The study curriculum framed by the NUSOD-Aruba is with a focused vision and mission to impart education of highest standards and hands on experience, clinical practice that will completely develop every skill of these young dentists.

The focus is and will be to generate and develop confident and capable dentists that will be able to face the future of dentistry confidently. This prospectus will help get an idea of what is planned for the students.

Wishing all the best to every student who aspires to be a dentist and hope this journey, will be a successful and fulfilling one at NUSOD-Aruba.

Through advancing medical/dental education, we seek to advance science and its application to serve the ultimate goal of relieving human suffering.

Dr. Lakhinder Kanwar MD

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