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Explore Aruba

One Happy Island.

About Aruba

A sparkling Southern Caribbean island, just fifteen miles off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba is little more than nineteen miles long and six miles across at its widest point—a total land area of only 70 squaremiles.

An autonomous region within the Netherlands, Aruba has a dry climate and beautiful, cactus strewn landscape. Good news—it lies outside the hurricane belt.

Aruba is renowned for its white, sandy beaches on the western and southern coasts of the island where most tourist development has taken place. The northern and eastern coasts, lacking this protection, are considerably more battered by the sea and have been left largely untouched by humans. Aruba has many wonderful attractions available to NUSOM’ students who never forget that school work is their first priority!


Aruba host cruises and over 100 direct flights from Boston and other major cities.


We speak four languages, and have more sunny days than any other Caribbean island.


We're small, safe, and modern, so you can make our entire Aruba island your playground.


Arubans are a mix of over 90 nationalities from more than 130 countries living in happy harmony.



Aruba enjoys a dry and sunny climate which is kept pleasant and temperate year-round with the cooling effects of the trade winds. The average annual temperature is 83 degrees Fahrenheit (27 Celsius), and rainfall amounts to just seventeen inches per year, most of which occurs during the months of October, and November. Weather-wise, Aruba is indeed “one happy island.”

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